.Becoming A Blogger

Well I have finally decided to become a blogger. Sure the blogging craze is over, but I figured it's never too late to start.

I have been working on improving this site since I re-launched it in March. The original idea was to use it as a place to post my selected new electronic music releases. I listen to a lot of music and it's hard to keep track of everything. So the site was started with that in mind.

I figured since I had the framework of the website complete. I could easily add on to it. I integrated my Twitter account into the site. Everyone and their mother is using Twitter now a days. So I figured it would be a good way to promote my site and post ramblings.

I decided to create an RSS feed just for the fun of it. Lots of people use RSS now a days. Hopefully some people will find it of use.

I recently purchased an iPhone and was checking out the Last.fm app. Through further reading I read that their desktop plugin could "scrobble" your ITunes library. So I installed that and am back to scrobbling. I also have integrated my Last.fm stats into the website.

And now I decided to add a blog to the website. I will try to blog as often as possible. It may become a habitual daily occurrence. Who knows?

Posted: May 29 - Fri 06:33pm

Tags: Blog

Status: Relaxed